Monday, May 4, 2009


Muahahaha..... Today is 4th may09.. Something interesting had happen.. Early in the morning, around 11.30am tian and san arrived my house to pick me up.. So we when to Taman Desa Foodcourt for breakfast.. We finish our breakfast at 12.30pm. So we started to depart to the destination.. The interesting part begin.. haha..

Today is a day that Tian bring San and drive Lulu go play de day.. haha.. Shuang dao~~~ On our way to setapak , we saw a very cute car.. haha.. Then again we saw "San" at other people car... haha.. so cute.. (must see the picture yah) muahaha.. Oupss.. After we arrived setapak, we lost our way again.. SWT!! Thx God that my friend Darvin direct us back to the correct way.. haha.. That time was 12.59pm and Darvin having exam at 1pm.. Oupss.. haha.. Anyway.. I take this opportunity to wish you all the very best in ur exam yah.. hehe.. So back to us.. hmm.. We spend about half hour to get our way to Gombak.. Cause we are using Gombak the highway to go our destination.. haha.... Actually three of us donno how to go 'THE' place.. We just follow road de sign board only.. Ahem.. When we on the way to the destination, radio talking about "Fei Tin Hei Si" haha.. And alot funny stuff.. So so.. Err.. Some very crazy things happen.. We are suppose to turn left.. Guess what ? We "tak sempat" to turn ler.. ngek ngek.. "We have a SPECIAL WAY" to go back the road.. But...OMG.. Guess what again ? After we enter the road, only we notice that actually we should go straight.. arghh... Wow.. Today de sky very nice ler.. Yeah.. Finally we arrived... muahaha.... Have to buy ticket ler.. 10buck per person... (video also.. remember watch yah) haha.. For more details about OUR TRIP please refer to PuiSan's Blog.. ngek ngek ngek... For more picturessss please refer to Lu, Tian or San Facebook..^^


  1. haha
    gbu lo.. really enjoy that day ar..
    wat japanese village wat french village i also tak tau apa itu.. XD
    that on the way=.= looks like genting road=.=

  2. we are at Bukit Tinggi lar.. Bukit Tinggi there,theres two village.. japanese villaga and france village.. very nice de lor... hehehe...

  3. oo.. like that ar... never noe b4 got such place.. must be very nice..

  4. yah lor.. hehe.. but the road really so narrow.. got chance, we all go there together yah.. hehehe... anyway.. there really a nice place.. and the whole journey also have alot funny thing happen... san,lu and tian also enjoy till the max.. hahah..