Sunday, May 10, 2009

I Love You

Haha.. Finally have a post that is not emo de bah.. Hehe..
This few day have quite a few happy thing in my life... Hehee.. I can feel that God is with me and God really love me alot.. And i Love God so much too..
Yesterday was Mother's Day.. I stay at home accompany my mom for whole day.. So night time, We went for dinner TOGETHER !! haha.. omg...Guess what ? My family have almost one year or maybe more then one year didn't eat together ler... Haha.. But too bad.. Bro and Elder Sis wasn't here.. Or not a.. Memang perfect lor... I always pray to God and hope to have a meal with my parent.. Then now God make my prayer come true.. And Aunty Lily.. Haha.. Thx very much because u tell something to my mom which is i always pray and hope too.. God is always with us.. Whenever we pray and ask, he'll do the best for us.. And he'll bless us.. I love one Bible verse in
Matthew 7:7-9
( Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.)
Hehe.. Hahahah.. Yesterday just laugh for whole day.. Just too happy... So sorry to my other friends that kena spam by me or you are so unlucky cause u pm me wrong timing.. Hahaha... 10may2009 is a day that my most unforgetable day ler.. Hehe.. AND.. Yeepy.. This coming Wednesday i'm going to surabaya lur.. Hehe... Will be back on 17may2009.. Just five day anyway.. Hehe.. Really can't wait for the day to come lar... Haha.. Want tell something to the single.. Haha... We are single.. So what ? We enjoy till the MAX and hahaha.. Freedom 100%.. lolx..Single only ma.. Haha.. No bf only ma.. Lolx.. Still have alot friend, bro, sis, ji mui and heng dai... Haha.... Most important o... God is with me all the time... hahaha.. I'm so glad cause i still have God and God love me so much... hehe... Anyway.. Monday is always my most happy day.. Cause.... haha... I don't tell what will happen..... Haha.. blek..
Jesus.. I love you.. You are always my Father in heaven forever.. Muacks..\(^.^)/\(^.^)/

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