Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SHIT~~ Scared Dao~~~~~!!!!!!!

Yesterday night.. I was alone at home.. Mom & Dad when to work already and Sis was sleeping in mom's room.. Suddenly i received mom call at 11.56pm.. Mom told me have a guy wering red colour shirt shouting and crying outside my house.. She know is because the guy knock one of my mom's friend door.. And after my mom friend open the door, the crazy guy shout and cry in front of the house.. Everyone call my mom and ask my mom to ask the security come and check.. I was alone in my room.. I heard the crying and shouting voice.. SWT... Damm scary.. I keep on pray to God to protect the crazy guy don't do crazy stuff and pray in Jesus name that Satan GET LOST NOW Don't disturb my thinking.. Then i called one of my friend.. Just though want to chit chat with him and ignore the guy outside my house.. BUT my friend don't know press wrong butten or busy.. He TER hang up my call.. In a while more, He call back and ask where i stay, he can ask his friend come and see... Actually i need it so much.. But i better don't disturb him or his friend lor.. So i say its ok lar, I'm ok..^^ My mom was so worry about my Sis and I.. So she came back and just to see how are we. After mommy comfirm the crazy guy get cought by the security, then my mom when back to the working place.. My mom is so lovely and caring... I love u mom.. AND... hahaha... At 12:18am, I received Ah Tian message.. She said she now coming to my house to over night.. Lol.. She ask me to go down o bring her up, but that time i still don't dare to go out.. So i just ask her to ask some one send her here to accompany her come up.. But the soh poh didn't ask.. Aikss... Anyway.. I really want say thx to my friend that call me and care for me so much.. hehe.. I'm glad that have all of u in my life.. When i'm in trouble, u guys always be beside me.. I love you guys so much.. And thx God so much.. Cause u put all of them in my life.. Without God, I wont able to have all of u..

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