Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Second Part Of Crazy Night..

26 April 2009 >>> Today morning I follow my friend to visit his church ( City Harvest Church) Around 2pm, I go back CYC cause having Leaders Training class.. So after Leaders Training, We have Zone meeting.. After zone meeting, San send Leon back home as usual.. After send Leon, then send Suet back.. So at first I though will send Tian back then San and I can go back home de.. Suddenly heard Tian and San said want go Genting.. Then I also follow them lor..hehe.. Before we start our journey to Genting, We went to to get some food.. Cause Tian and I also quite hungry.. haha.. We bought some snack and 3cup of maggi to eat in San's car.. We started to move at 8.35pm.. The most unlucky thing is we lost our way.. But thx God.. San drive till certain place that I past by before.. So from the place, we move to Genting again.. Hehe.. We arrived Genting at almost 10pm lar.. After we arrived Genting, The FIRST place we go is TOILET.. haha.. Cause three of us also...... Then we move to First World Hotel Indoor for some games.. We spend about 20buck for games.. And we won 435ticket.. So we go change three small cute cute cup for three of us and one Genting phone book key chain for Tian.. The weather quite cold de lor.. Kesian San.. haha.. So around 11pm, we move back to KL lur..^^ For others.. Maybe will say three of us really crazy.. Cause three of us always do crazy stuff.. But... As long as we enjoy mar.. haha... Although really tired and dangerous.. But.. We really enjoy till over the MAX.. muahahahah.... Thx San for driving Tian and I to Genting again... haha.. Pity San so much....xD

* Will Upload the Picture Soon !! ^^

Tian ,San & Lu


  1. hahaha...!!you know i pity le.but although i pity but when i with you're guys do crazy thing,i still vry happy d..keke..next time u and tian treat me good good then ok liao la..and belanja me eat la..wakakaka...!!!

  2. haha... next time must ask Tian to bring extra jacket, sliper and some cloth to put in ur car ad.. haha...