Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Here i Am

My Dear Lord. I'm here for you. Please take me to your world..

Dear Lord.. I'm suffering in Love Relationship.. I having a big trouble in my Love Relationship.. Why the person that I love hurt me so much ? I just want to be with the person that really love me and I love.. isn't that hard bah ? Everytime when I saw some couple's past by me, I also hope that my love one is with me.. I ain't that bad gua ?? But lucky I have a branch of lovely brother and sister in church, and my GG gang.. Oh My God.. I belived that you put all of them in my life, will have your reason.. Or maybe this is not the suitable time for me to couple yet. hmm... hehe.. As long as God is with me, then everything ok lar.. haha... No girl friend boy friend only mar.. cheh.. I still have God and other brother and sister and friend mar.. hehe Amen ??

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