Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Miss my old time

I really miss my study time so much.. Everyday go school, tuition, every time after school can go hang out with friends, go play bowling, badminton ,volleyball, etc etc etc... So nice ler... This day start to get back some old buddys again.. haha.. That day i meet Kannen in the bus when I was on my way to Subang.. And another day, I saw Rubesh (We always ejek him as Rubbish) in Mid Valley when I was shopping alone there.. I really miss the time when hang out with all of them.. Still remember last time Hari Raya, Chun bring me to his friends house to get Green Pau.. haha.. Just two chinese with one branch of malay guys.. Damm cool.. My hair always kena pull when go tuition time.. SadNya.. Always bully by friends.. But all of them really very nice lor.. This kind of friend really FRIEND lar.. haha.. When we sad, they''ll come and comfort us.. When we was helpless, they'll come and help us.. I really miss all of them so much.. Find one day, we all go play badminton again yah.. hehe.. I'll never forget about you guys lar.. You guys really very nice.. hehe... Miss all of you so much.. Hope we can meet again as soon as possible.. haha..

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