Monday, April 27, 2009

I don't trust you!!

Now I know.. When the time that I don't trust you, is correct de.. You just make me disappointed all the time.. You say you still love me? BULLSHIT!! You are just wasting my time and my love. Memories ? SWEAT!!! What kind of memories you gave me ? Empty promise? Being cheat by you? Keep on say "YOU WANT GO DIE" ? All this is your memories ? I WOULD RATHER DON'T WANT IT!!!!!!!! Earth Hour that night is on Saturday. You told me you can't go church because of you need to celebrate with your mommy and uncle ? BULLSHIT!!! YOU ARE LYING TO ME!! You want me to live in this kind of life ? What kind of Love are you using to LOVE ME ??? NAH.. Its ok.. Take it all back.. I'll never let YOU make me fall another time.. I play your EMOTION???? I think YOU the one play mine bah..SWT=.=" Just go ahead with YOUR BROTHER.. And the people that worth YOUR love. This is the WORST relationship i ever have!! I'm regret for knowing you!!! PLEASE GO YOUR OWN BRIGHT FUTURE.. I REALLY DONT NEED AND DONT WANT IT!! THANK YOU!! WITHOUT YOU, I CAN BE MUCH MORE HAPPIER.. I ENJOY AND LOVE MY CURRENT LIFE. SO PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB ME ANYMORE..
*Please do not disturb me anymore!!
*Never call me or text me anymore!!


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