Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A CraZy NiGht With My Bro and Sis

I'll always remember of 19April2009.. Leon, PuiSan, Tian & I went to SS2 for dinner. So after the dinner was like 10.30PM. Tian said she wanted to see Night View. So we called Ah Phua to direct us to the destination. Very funny as PuiSan said... Four of us also don't know how to go. We spend about half an hour to arrived Putrajaya from KL.

Finally We Arrived !

What are they doing ???

Lu and Tian


What Is This ?!?!?!

AHHH!! CrazY!!

PuncH HEr!! OuPss..

Oh no..Don'T..

MonKey GeNeraTion!!


Lu, Tian & San

Tonight really a CraZy NigHt! I really enjoy my time with all my brother and sisters.. I love you All forever.. Never forget about the moment that we had spend together. We must always treasure and appreciate each other.. Thx Tian, PuiSan & Leon..
You all are the best ! hehe .. When we PuiSan, Tian and I high finish, Suddenly Leon say "Let go Genting".. haha.. But we all already high finish only Leon Start high.. haha.. So kesian.. But still we go back home lor.. Cause Tomorrow we all still have our own thing to busy.. hehe.. Leon.. Next time lar.. ok ? haha..

* For more Picture, Please go PuiSan,Tian or my facebook to see.. hehe..

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