Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Last Drop of My Tear ?

I did something which is I very regret. After i went to FGA CYC (FULL GOSPEL ASSEMBLY CHINESE YOUTH CHURCH), I have one branch of bro and sis that Really treat me very nice. And also my dearest Leaders.. Everytime when i was sad,lonely and lost, They always be beside me to support me and chill me up. Belive me, This kind of love you'll never get at outside. Because the love that they gave us is Jesus love. We wont back-stab each other. But we will always support and take care each other. They teaches us to love and appreciate people's around us and also train us to become a usefull leader. They don't collect a single cent from us. I'm seriously love everyone in CYC. But i think i hurt someone there. The person that love me so much. I do told her i don want to go back CYC anymore. I'm seriously very SORRY! I feel my DAYS like YEARS. I miss all of them there. I have no idea to tell out how much i miss and love CYC. And u WONT KNOW how much i love CYC. Cause you not me and maybe you are not in CYC.

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