Saturday, April 18, 2009


This is Yen Sin.. i know her since we standard one.. she study very smart.. one of the prrety girl in my school.. hehehe...

This is Sze Wei.. We call her susu aka din poh.. WARNING ! Don dare her.. cause she dare do to everything... she's hot, crazy, pretty, chubby and nice.. without she we won have laughter.. she loves to take picture so much.. therefore we call her SS Quean.

This is rebecca.. we call her pisang or mun mun.. she is a soh poh.. love to cari gaduh with me... don ever play badminton with her... cause she will smash until u cant recognize urself... very friendly girl.. ^^

His name jason.. but we always call him 'Chicken or Tori'.. He same as Susu... Once he mix up with susu, they can make the world up side down... both of them always make us laugh till sakit perut.. muahahahha..

His name nigel.. but we call him nugget and i call him as NaiGell~ he work part time as 'Perkhidmatan Awam and also Along' wen all the girls go shopping with him, he always willing to help us to carry our stuff... and wen we shopping untill bankrupt, he always be beside us corrow money to us.. haha... he is a very very nice ,friendly and gentle guy...xD

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