Saturday, April 25, 2009

EMO ~~~!!!!

Just suddenly feel so emo. Why am I feel so bad tonight ? Anything wrong ? Want to sleep early. Cause tomorrow i need to wake up early for something.. But I just can't. Oh my Dear Lord.. I'm so sad ,emo and lost now. T.T Usually people said.. The person you love doesn't mean they love you, The person love you doesn't mean you love them, The person that be with you, doesn't mean you love them or they love you. So ??? Err... Who is the person that you really love and the person that really love you le ???? Want to know the answer ? Pray hard and ask God la.. Who belived in first sign love ? Actually, I belived. I mean before This lar. But now.. HAIZZ !! Don't know what to say already.. Really very emo le.. Emo till so speechless.. Hmm.. That's all lar.. xD