Friday, May 18, 2012

What is love about?

You will never know how much I've done for you.. One day, when I start to ignore your calls, message, stop calling you, and stop crying for you... It means you have already succeeded to chase me out from your life.. I never ask for a "Thank You" when I done something to you.. But a "Sorry" when you done something not right.. That's already so difficult.. I just wish that you wont say anything to hurt me when I am already hurts.. But too bad.. You will only know how to hurts me rather then loves me.. If I were to list them out all.. I guess.. The amount of hurts will definitely more then happiness.. I don't know if I really making the right decision to continue to stay with you. And!! I wonder.. If I am the one that having the problems and sickness that you're facing, will you actually still will be here with me or you're already leaves me long ago.. No one likes to cry.. Everyone wish to be happy.. But well.... This is life and this is humans' behavior... Sigh.. Everyone has their limit bi.. Please don't force me to explode.. No one will want things end up that way.. Stop hurting me when you say you loved me so much.. Heartache!! Sigh..

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