Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sad Day~

30/12/2009 Wednesday

Today really freaking suck!! Early in the morning already shoot badly by Fxxx customer. They thought they own the bank ah? Can do whatever shit they want. SWT! The customer came to me, say she wanted to cancel credit card. She was holding two cards. One is Patronas credit card and one is Touch And Go - Zing card. So she said she wanted to cancel the Zing card but she want to maintain the Touch N Go. So I explained to her. I said, "Madam, Zing card equal to T"n"G and if you want to cancel the Zing card means the T"n"G also will cancel". She still want argue me and say I'm the one don't understand what she say. She draw on the paper "She want Patronas card, and cancel Zing card but want maintain T"n"G.. WHAT THE HELL!! Who's the one don't understand huh? She argue with me for almost 5minute.. And behind there's REALLY LONG queue wei~ Other customers was really pissed.. Cause they queue so long just to take a number. That why~~ If I am at the situation, I'll feel piss too!! ishh.. BUT~ That's not my fault.. Don't have to scold me OK! Haiz~
Another case ah~ I was attending another customer. Than this brainless woman she came to me and shout at me. She say she forgot her password she can't access into her internet banking. SWT. SO???? NON OF MINE BUSINESS WEI!!! SWT! Dont have to shout at me okay!! I'm there trying to help her to solve her problem. But that bitch Fking brainless.. Never use her brain to think before she talk. Face only look good(BUT ERRR.. ACTUALLY SHE LOOK LIKE AN ASSHOLE MORE) She keeps complain my service so terrible this and that.. Fxxx her!!! If she wants better service, open your own bank lar~ swt.. She's asking me for the solution.. After I tell her the solution, she said SHE CONFIRM THAT I'm directing her the WRONG way. And I'm wasting her time. She's talking like she is the one whom working in the bank. If she really know, she don't have to come to the bank. SWT!! After I pass her to the counter, she scolded my another colleague again. DENG~~~ FINE~~ I forgive a brainless and hopeless people like her!! Another customer came.. Forget what's her problem already.. The way she talk damn rude wei, I really feel like slapping her to the wall.. Finally I can't stand.. I told her " Madam, try to imagined that your daughter working in the bank and she's facing a customer like you.. HOW DO YOU FEEL?" After I finish, she shut up and go. If you wanna complain. I don't give a damn!!
So at the same day, this f'ker came to the bank. He want to bank in some coins. So, actually our bank coins machine its working, but the person in charge is F'king lazy. That's why she don't to accept the coins from the customer. I'm always the best victim for the customers. I really hate this STUPID MISS CHAN! I just argue with her this Thursday. She tell me and the others staff the different story and customers always get two different information from us. ARGHH~~ But.. My baby he very sweet.. He call and chill me every time when I am down.. Baby, I love you very much~ You are really very caring and supportive bf. I'm so happy to have you in my life. I guess the most right thing I do in my life is to be with my baby. As long as baby is with me, I'm satisfy already. Hehe~

* I'm so sleepy~ I Don't even know what am I talking actually.. BLUR~~~
* Baby, Sorry for being so rude yah~ I'm just so angry.. Sorry. Hope baby will forgive me^^

From the Blissful Lulu~
From my baby de baby~


  1. Baby it's ok alright.I will always love you and I'll always be there for you.Always~

    1. Are you still there with me when i need you? Sigh.. Baby.. I just hope you can stop hurting me.. Stop saying hurtful words to me..

  2. So sweet of my baby~ ha ha~~ Muacks.. Hehe.