Saturday, December 26, 2009

Alll About My Baby And I~

25June09: Meet My baby in MOS ( Ministry Of Sound )

30July09: MOS again~ haha. Dancing and Hugging my baby. hehe

15Aug09: MTV WORLD STAGE. Sunway Pyramid. We hang at Mcd while waiting for the registration start. After the concert, we had our dinner in Station1 cafe. Than baby send me back home after the dinner.

19Aug09: Ollie, Chuan, Tysern, Tysern friend, Baby and I went to The Library open ceremony in OneU. And the place is so suck. So we decided to go Misty Club at Bangsar. Again I'm with my baby. ^^

21Aug09: I went to Menara Maybank to sign the agreement. After that I went to Mid Valley to meet baby. We watch our first movie "District 9" and we went to play pool. Wow. My baby so geng.. haha..

25Aug09: I went out with baby to 1Utama to watch "Up".. We thought want to play bowling de.. But too many people already.. So we just walk around ler.. And ah.. This baby is so notty.. Aiya.. cannot blame everything on him also lar.. Cause I'm so blur.. Not good to tell what happen on that day over here.. haha.. So paiseh.. xD So after everything, baby send me home than i go meet up my church members for dinner.. hehe..

1Sept09: Today i dream someone will ask me out. So early morning i received a message. Guess what, baby text me and ask me want go Sunway to watch movie. haha. So we watch "I Love You Beth Copper" thats our third movie. Suddenly i feeling to go for a night view. haha. and LuiYan2 and LuiYan3 Calling me ask me want join them to go Look Out Point for yum char or not. swt. Whatever things I want come true. So happy. Hehe.

4Sept09: Baby Bryan ask me out. He said he want to go his friend house to fix something for his friend. So I kepoh and accompany baby to the friend house. So after that baby bring me to Look Out Point. I feeling so touch. haha. And this will be our Anniversary Day.
From Your Baby

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