Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"I'm a STANDOUT In life"

Information from susu, she ask me to join Nuffnang.
Nuffnang stand out party that will be held in on the 6th of June.. And since three of my besties Susu, Ollie and MunMun also post.. So i decide to kepoh too..
Anyway, I'm just a girl. Love to go church, Hang out with the person i love, Talk crap, Online, Play badminton, Swimming, Bowling, Pool, Jogging, See night view(Due to TIAN affect),Watch movie(But nobody can accompany me already.. and also due to some reason, I don't like to go watch movie with some certain people at CERTAIN places..)And last.. I love to hug the person that I love so so so so much Love to hug "him" till can breath...(But now don't have anyone let me hug and hug me already.. Miss the feeling being hug by someone~~) Haha.. I can be so lame, funny, sad, emo, good, bad, nice, pretty, ugly, friendly, Selfish, "CHUN"(belagak), sweet, sour, bitter, spicy, etc etc etc etc.. I admit that I'm a very good listener..(Belagak right ??) Haha... Have alot friends will talk to me when they are down, lost and bla bla bla.. Have only one vision is LOVE GOD.. Without God in my life, I'm nothing.. Have too many gangs of friends.. Good, Bad, LaLa, SiHam, Crap, Fish, Abalone, Shark Fin, Fish Ball, Meat Ball, Crap Ball, Prawn Ball all also have.. Can do AYTHING, 100% Open minded girl..

p/s: Munmun.. I'm also one of the spoty girl okay. Haha..


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