Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Give me a time of A song"

Usually how many minute that a full song take ?
About 3~4 Minute ?
Will that take very long time for me to chat with you for the last time ?
For the past, I always pressing with my phone, But now, My phone always in "Spoil Mode"... Tian and San will know what it mean.. Haha...
Everytime when my phone rang, I will always hope it was someone.. And always I'm the disappointed want.. Have a damm stupid song will play when I'm in sad or down mode.. Then in my heart, will was like"Wan ye meh" Haha... Expecially "One FM".. Haha.. At first I though just everytime I sit San car also just only will have that song.. But that day Godfrey car also have the same song.. That day come back from Surabaya by Church bus also have that song.. Lolx.. "One FM" really "Wan ye" lor... haha...
But just only a few minute.. Will that take so long ? Past is past.. Once we had make the decision, and that will be the last.. This is what we choose, although is not what we want, but the thing had happen.. Nobody can change the history except God.. I hope one day, I can back to the past again.. IF POSSIBLE lah~~ haha... Lolx.. This day crap too much already.. haha..


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