Thursday, April 9, 2009


This is me again. Sylvia. hehe.. This few days have alot thing happen on me. I was blur until i read someone blog. only i know actually i'm really a very dumb girl. i trust and love someone that keep on lie to me. i want to be happy always. i wan to be back the Sylvia that always laugh until 'cirit berek' i miss all my secondary school friends.. they are the best.. i'll never forget susu, skirt, sotong, pisang, tori,nuggert, gabbriel, jerrick and so on lar.. they are my best of the best friends.. i miss all of them so much.. hehe.. and thx for helping me celebrate my birthday at the bangsar mamak.. even through is not what big supprise, but anyway.. thx also.. miss da time when hang out with those BUGZZ GANG.. haha.. taking 3310nokia phone acting taking picture at klcc, those showing butt lame picture etc etc.. i'll never forget those memories.. hehe..

This is da Buzz Gang ! hehe

And this is the GG Gang !haha

SSing in my room !

All of us.. ^^

Ollie ,me and dhill is promoting this stuff..xD

This is the Science one student.. Rajin right ??hehe

GG Gang..

Wow.. Nice ? Three Best friend !

Having Pizza hut in Mid Valley after school event ! yummy~~

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