Monday, January 25, 2010

Let by gone be by gone~

For you,

When every time I read your blog, or when I'm in your fb looking at your pictures. I feels so heartache. The words "our" that you use is hurting me deeply. I still remember every single things that we had done and I always play the video and the picture that we took together. I miss those moment that we had spend with each other. Laughing, Crying, Crazy etc etc etc. I always hope that we can go back to the time that we are together. Guess its just not meant to be. One day, I was boring and I just clicking around and I found this sentence.
"Let by gone be by gone!" This word shoot me deeply in my heart and ask me to "Let it go!" Although is difficult, but I still have to do it. What I can do is just cherish the memories. Sometime I just really hope that God can remove all the memories in my mind and let me come all over again. I know I'm too selfish. Sorry. But its really so suffering some times. I wonder will you feel the same thing too.. Its been so long time we didn't talk to each other. At first, I will still feeling so difficult to accept the truth. But after some times, I've learn to become more tough and independence. Still remember the story you've told me? About the birds and the tree? I still remember it. Last time I'm always with you when you're sad. Always listen to you when you're need someone. Sorry because I had break my promise to you. Hope you can replace me with someone better. I pray to God and hope that you'll be better soon. Or maybe you already found them. Anyway. I think you wont be reading this post.. I THINK!! Last but not least, I'm still here with you whenever you need a shoulder.

Sylvia aka HuiRu

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