Monday, May 25, 2009

Full Tank

Finally 'bocor'..

Yesterday after dinner, After send ying ying back home,
As usual.. Again the three 'soh poh' want go for 'makan angin'..
Here u go..
Half way to the destination, Suddenly come out ' Dai Wo Zhou", that time i already started to be so emo already de... Finally the song ended.. After the song, i though can be better.. Again come out one song ' Xiao Jiu Wo' means (Small Dimple)... This song have toooooooo many memories for me lar.... I really can't stand already... Again the tears has drop out.. I cry like nooooobody business in San car... Ended up make Tian and San also Emo ad.. lolx...I'm so bad.. This day i'm really so sad and Emo.. Just don't know why.. But i just feel it... Still remember what i said..

"There's something sure will happen after you go'.......'.. You always told me, whatever happen also you wont leave me and wont let me sad or get hurt.. And i still keep the recording.. You said, one day if u still left ur hand, you will use ur full energy to hug me, if u just left ur leg, u will go everywhere i go just to protect me, if u just left one body, u will use it to block everything that came to against or attack me.. Because u love me'
Yesterday i really cry until very 'selesa'.. And yesterday night we when to a place that i really don't wish to go DAMM MUCH~~!! Cause there also have some memories... Haiz... Sit inside the car, look at the bling bling light at up hill, and my mind keep on playing flash back of the memories.. Damm suffer... Lucky i have two best sister by myside when i was really down.. They send me a message through phone to chill me up.. Thx Tian and San.. I really appreciate it alot.. Thx God that put both of u in my life... I love both of u wei.. hehe...

"Let past be past"
From yai yai LuLu..

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