Friday, May 22, 2009

Er... One FM

Just now.. Again my sad song has appear at "One FM" 'Wan yeh' right ?? hahaha.. I got saksi de ler.. San also there when the song come out.. Actually really SANGAT SUSAH NAK TAHAN LAR !!!!!!!!!! Arghh... But also have to tahan.. haih.. This morning, after send my sister go school.. haha.. DAMM FUNNY.. Don't know why i suddenly drive to two weird place.. I also don't know why.. I stop the 'two' place for a few minute.. Look at the past.. Don't know want cry or laugh.. lolx.. Again from "One FM" played a emo song.. haha.. So i TER-pijak the oil till 100+speed.. ALMOST got accident when at a NARROW turn.. Can feel the whole car moving to a side.. lolx.. Damm dangerous..xD "One FM" really love 'Wan ye' de lor.. haha... Everytime don't make me emo also cannot want.. lolx.. Ah~~~ Alot thing to fan a......... This fan that fan up fan down fan... Everyday already so fan... STILL need to eat 'fan'.. lolx... hahaha.... Gila Gila already..... @@

From D Fan Sei Yan one.. LuLu

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