Wednesday, May 20, 2009

ai yi ge ren hao nan ( Is really very difficult to love a person )

Love a person is hard.. Love a person that don't love yourself if even much more harder.. I had already do everything I can and say everything I can.. The final answer is still up to you.. Is just a small problem but now already become a big problem.. For you, maybe you don't understand why i will become this crazy for "..." but I need to tell something.. "..." is real and he helps me load.. I think u will know about my family problems.. From that stage till this stage.. I didn't say that "..." can give me whatever we want but at least he really help my family when we are in a "negative mode".. The "one" year really happen aload stuff in my life.. Just short short de one year.. But u know.. My heart is always at where... You know i hate empty promise and once i promise and always a promise.. I say i wont and i wont.. If u still don't get it, then.. Don't know lar..
From the sad one LuLu

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